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Asked 1/5/2007

who owns a teacup maltese?

how much smaller is a teacup maltese then a regular maltese?

which 1 is better and why?


Answer 1/8 - Submitted 1/5/2007

No such thing as a teacup.

Teacup is a back yard breeder's term for breeding the runt of the litter to the runt of the litter - only the weakest characteristics for these poorly bred 'varieties.'

See the breeders breed the weakest (runt) to the weakest (runt) over and over until the desired shrinking has occured.

Now, just think of that in human reproductive terms -- the weakest human mates with the weakest human and produces what? Chances are it's not going to be an Olympic athlete or scholastic genius.

If poor breeding and unknown amounts of genetic surprises are what you're looking for, AND you have a few extra hundred dollars laying around - go for the teacup they're all the rage right now and would totally, like, go with all your cute bags and stuff!!!

If you really want a healthy dog that has the best chance at living and enjoying a long happy healthy life, find a reputable breeder of Maltese.


Answer 2/8 - Submitted 1/5/2007

I would get a regular maltiese because I have a mini yorkie and he is so small, sometimes I can't find him in the house and I trip over him because he is so tiny.


Answer 3/8 - Submitted 1/5/2007

teacup maltese are about 5-8 pounds.. && regulars can get up to 15 pounds.. but i recomend the teacup.. they are cuter.. but i have a maltipoo.. a mix of a maltese && poodle.. she is AH-dorable


Answer 4/8 - Submitted 1/5/2007

I do not recognize that as a "real" breed. You may want to check with the AKC (American Kennel Club) before putting any money down on it. Especially if the owner says the dog is a purebred or registered.
A Maltese is a "toy" breed, but this is the first time I have ever heard of a "Teacup" Maltese. Then again I have been away from the dog show realm for a few years.

Check just to be sure you are not simply paying for a runt or cross breed...


Answer 5/8 - Submitted 1/5/2007

Don't be taken in by such terms as Teacup; this is just a sales gimic, there is NO classification for these terms. These are sometimes just premature puppies - an over-priced medical disaster. No reputable breeder will deliberatly breed these exeptionally tiny dogs.

"Teacup" dogs can be so fragile that their bones can shatter during normal play, their mouths may not be big enough to hold all their teeth resulting in dental problems, and with such a tiny body they expend so much energy trying to keep their temperature normal that they simply cannot consume enough calories to keep going and essentially starve to death. Consequently, it is not uncommon for teacup dogs to die at a young age.

So, find a reputable breeder of AKC standard Maltese and pass on the "teacup" variety.


Answer 6/8 - Submitted 1/5/2007

There is no such thing... read the breed standard - there is only 1 acceptable size of maltese.

People need to stop being bamboozled by breeders using "fancy" terminology for their poorly bred dogs. You will never find a breeder with quality dogs breeding teacup anything! Anything with a "teacup" lable is either from a commercial breeder or a puppymill, either way, it is someone who only cares about the money and not the health and longevity of the breed.


Answer 7/8 - Submitted 1/5/2007

NOBODY in world does........cuz THERE'S ***NO SUCH THING!!!***

That's just "CROOK-SPEAK" for "Charge EXTRA for this POS cuz that IMBECILE doesn't know any better!"



Answer 8/8 - Submitted 1/5/2007

Honey there is no such thing as a teacup Maltese.There are some that are smaller than others even if they are born the exact same size as sibling.That is strange but true.Please do not judge everyone on this chat line by some of these know it all rude people that don,t even allow you to respond to them by e-mail.They are so afraid some one will raise a champion pup that they continuously refer to everyone as "BYB'Back Yard BreedersWhen it all boils down they won,t allow anyone near their breeding grounds,home whatever.They hide behind their slurs and foolish name calling.Please don,t judge everyone on this line as know it all haters,we are not .It never hurts to ask a simple question.Forgive them for they no not what they do.Good Luck....Look ON puppyfind.com who knows you might run into one of these Fancy Web Sites that belongs to one of these know it all,s, however beware they all want you to CALL them on the phone set up these fancy appointments and tell you what you can and can,t do with a puppy you buy from them.Don,t let them fool you.Beware!!!Also AKC is not the only register with high standards and several others are just as good.The register is only as good as the person doing the registration of puppies.


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